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03/21/18 03:03:pm

Dr Sajjad Business Profile

Connecticut Hand Center: Dr. Sepehr Sajjad

Office Locations:
59 Faire Harbour Place, New London
115 Samson Rock, Madison,CT

860-442 4500

What services do you provide for our community?
We specialize in, but are not limited to, carpal tunnel, arthritis, hand pain, and all work and sports related injuries...and we’re right here in Westerly to serve this community.

When did your practice start?
In 2015 we opened the Connecticut Hand Center in Connecticut, but we saw a real need for this in Westerly that wasn’t being met; so in 2016 we opened our office right here at the Morgan Building.

How many people do you employ, and how do you keep your best talent?
We have 10 employees total. But I’ve always thought it’s not about the actual number, but about good quality patient care. So we made sure to staff our offices with very seasoned professionals. We took the very best of them from three hospitals: The Westerly Hospital, Lawrence and Memorial, and Yale to ensure that our patient-centered practice was staffed by people who were like-minded.

What is your favorite part about being a surgeon in our community?
Without a doubt, meeting the people in this community. Our patients are very kind, interesting people.

What do you think is the most effective promotional tool for your practice?
It’s our good reputation married with the good word of mouth we have gotten in the Westerly community. I value the Doctor-Patient bond above all else. I believe people don’t like the impersonal nature of corporate medicine, so we work very hard to establish ongoing, very personal relationships with our patients.

How much time do you spend onsite?
Our office is open every day, five days a week, and emergencies and consultations are always handled by me on weekends.

What inspired the brand/personality of your practice?
Above all else it is the Doctor-Patient relationship and also our continued excellent outcomes that powers this practice..

What has been the biggest challenge for your practice in the past year?
Trying to increase visibility, letting patients know that we’re right here in Westerly, right in their backyard. People who are experiencing pain in their hands do not have to go to Boston or Hartford. We’re here, we’re Yale trained, and we’re ready to help them relieve their pain so they can get on with their lives.

Do you have plans in 2018 to grow or change, and what are they?
We just hired another Yale-trained hand surgeon to work in our offices, Dr. Chad Wu, and we’re so happy to have another professional who cares about the patient first and not corporate medicine.

What sets your practice apart from others?
We are a niche practice of medicine. Hand surgery is highly specialized. Our focus is doing procedures that are minimally invasive. For example, I can do a carpal tunnel procedure in just five minutes, and our patients can drive the very next day! No long recovery or downtime. Most of the incisions I make are less than a centimeter.

What advice would you give to other medical practitioners in our community?
Get to know the culture of the community; get to know the families...and LISTEN! Not enough doctors listen to their patients...they’ll tell you what’s wrong.

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115 Samson Rock Drive, Madison, CT (203)245-4500
59 Faire Harbour Place, New London, CT (860)442-4500


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